This web page is dedicated to microelectronic technology and its applications.

In the section About LTCC you will find an overview about Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramics. This part consists of technology and applications descriptions and additionally interesting references to these topics.

In the section Projects you will find the description of actually conducted and finished research and development projects that I have taken a part. This part highlights main goals and achievements of each of the projects as well as provides a list of papers which are related to these projects.

Sections About me and Main publications describe myself.


Dominik Jurkow



New publication was added  to the list of publications. My work experience was updated. The description of “Temperature controlled” project was updated.



List of publications was updated (5 new papers). I updated as well my working place.


Much more detailed description of the project “Development of a very low-cost Interactive Graphical Tactile Display capable of displaying textual and graphical information as an advanced user interface for the visually impaired", was added in the section Projects/TACMON2.

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